About the Sustainability Collaborative

Sustainability is a core value of the George Washington University. Faculty members and departments across the University conduct important research on issues ranging from melting ice in the Arctic, to environmental law, to sustainable business practices. Students take what they learn in the 550+ sustainability-related courses and apply it to their internships, research, and service projects throughout the community and all over the world. The Sustainability Collaborative engages the public through outlets like Planet Forward, the premier online platform for environmental storytelling, and by the many symposiums, events, and programs run through the University. We also practice what we teach, which is why every newly constructed building on campus is LEED certified and why we have invested in the Capital Partners Solar Project to offset half of GW's energy needs with solar generated electricity. 

The Sustainability Collaborative coordinates research, academics, and public engagement in sustainability. Its goal is to bring together under one umbrella the many activities and institutions that collectively contribute to GW's leadership in sustainability. By making the whole greater than the sum of its parts, the Sustainability Collaborative increases the visibility of GW efforts and facilitates collaboration among its many participants. 


Leadership Team 

Sustainability Collaborative Affiliates  

planet forward

Planet Forward

Planet Forward engages young people and innovators in search of solutions to the biggest challenges facing our planet. Through storytelling, media and convening, they empower new voices and elevate compelling ideas.

Chem Lab

Research Institutes & Centers

Many of the 200+ GW faculty pursuing sustainability research are affiliated with one or more of 11 GW institutes and centers engaged in sustainability-related inquiry. The
Sustainability Collaborative strives to elevate the work of these individual institutes and centers and facilitate joint exploration and learning.

Sustainability Collaborative Advisory Council  

George Coelho

George Coelho

Advisory Council Chair
GW Alumnus 

"Universities are hubs of innovation and creation, but we need to look past the classroom walls to find new ideas and understand real world challenges. The Sustainability Advisory Council brings experts from private, public, and non-profit sectors to help advance GW's sustainability initiatives and increase the impact of these activities on the global community."

Meet the Advisory Council 


Goals and Achievements 

The Sustainability Collaborative has four goals: Catalyze sustainability policy development, leverage and build on faculty research expertise, produce the next generation of food policy leaders, enhance sustainability in academics


Stars Gold Seal, a program of AASHE, sustainability tracking, assessment & rating system



The Office of Sustainability 

The Sustainability Collaborative works closely with the Office of Sustainability to promote sustainable operations across GW's campus and operations. 

The many areas of sustainability at GW: Climate and Energy, Water Use, Food and Dining, Waste and Recycling, Transportation, Procurement, Eco-Building, Grounds and Sustainable Sites