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C2ES/GW Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Climate and Energy Solutions

The strategic partnership linking the nonpartisan, nonprofit Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES) and the George Washington University (GW) Sustainability Collaborative combines a critical mass of interdisciplinary research resources and real-world outreach capacity to accelerate the adoption and implementation of effective climate and energy policies and practices. Building on separate histories of independent innovation and cross-boundary collaboration, the partnership distinguishes itself as an honest broker for groups and individuals to come together in support of pragmatic approaches. Effectively leveraging this convening capacity generates the government, private sector, and popular support required to implement new governance mechanisms. The C2ES-GW alliance harvests the fertile ground between academic research and policy advocacy, delivering actionable intelligence to its audience of policymakers, business people, journalists, academics and concerned members of the public.

C2ES is the successor to the Pew Center on Global Climate Change and, under the leadership of Bob Perciasepe, former Deputy Administrator at the EPA, employs 20 experts on state, federal and international climate change policy. C2ES consistently ranks among the world's top 5 environmental think tanks, according to the University of Pennsylvania's annual global survey. Its multi-sectoral Business Environmental Leadership Council includes more than 30 Fortune 500 companies committed to climate action. Under the guidance of Kathleen Merrigan, former Deputy Secretary of USDA, GW's Sustainability Collaborative is helping coordinate 200 faculty working on sustainability issues. GW's location in the heart of the American capital gives it prime access to the headquarters of international organizations, federal policy-makers, prominent corporations, and state and city leadership associations.

As strategic partners, C2ES and the GW Sustainability Collaborative develop projects that integrate across the following spatial and substantive areas:

  • Federal and City Focused Policy Development -

    While many university and think tank groups emphasize state policy, both GW and C2ES have a focus on federal- and city-level policymakers. Federal policies can accelerate the country's climate change response while cities implement solutions. Bringing these together and facilitating local action for measurable national results is an important focus area for the partners.

  • Technological Implementation - GW's scientists and engineers are working on key technologies to advance the national interest in sustainability. C2ES researchers are constantly gathering intelligence to learn where further work need to be done and policy deployed. Integrating the two networks accelerates relevant scientific research and technology deployment.

  • Markets and Corporate Practice - Moving solutions to market to accelerate their implementation and effectiveness is a key to success over the next decade. C2ES's Business Environmental Leadership Council represents a unique opportunity for forward-moving companies interested in mobilizing solutions. GW research and study in corporate social responsibility as well as finance and markets presents a strong platform for collaboration.

  • International Negotiations - After the 2015 Paris agreement, international environmental negotiations are increasingly important. C2ES has played a role in facilitating dialogue among the top players to improve results; GW faculty provide the analytical and conceptual tools to understand what works and why. GW students convene future negotiators to learn and practice techniques first hand.

Examples of GW-C2ES collaboration: 


Joint Research Supported by Duke Energy Renewables

Find a copy of the final report, "Microgrid Momentum: Building Efficient, Resilient Power," here.

Bob perciacept

Collaborative Teaching

SUST 3002 Climate Change and Policy  is a GW-C2ES team taught course. Topics include mitigation, adaptation, and intervention from the perspectives of public policy, economics, psychology, and public health.

Kathleen Merrigan and Bob Perciacepe


GW and C2ES work together to convene various stakeholders on climate related topics.