Culminating Experience



Carly Giddings

Sustainability Minor Carly Giddings '17, participates in field work in Siberia as part of her Culminating Experience

A key piece of GW’s Sustainability Minor is the Culminating Experience, which is based in experiential learning. The Culminating Experience provides students with an opportunity to apply what they learned through their sustainability related coursework. The culminating experience is reserved for juniors and seniors in the Sustainability Minor. Study abroad in junior or senior year may count towards the Culminating Experience but MUST be pre-approved before leaving for the study abroad semester.

The SUST 3097 (3 credits) Culminating Experience requirements are the following:

  • Letter or email from the student’s supervisor/faculty mentor at the organization/company/government department where the student is working for the internship/service/research. The letter needs to contain confirmation of the offer for the semester.
  • Students will participate in four meetings throughout the semester of the Culminating Experience cohort which includes all students pursuing their Culminating Experience, whether through service, internship or research. Students completing their Culminating Experience by study abroad will need to make arrangements with Sustainability Minor Director to participate in the group discussions. Students will write a series of reflection essays on their experience throughout the semester. Sustainability Minor Director Tara Scully will provide prompts.

Culminating Experience Application