Sustainability Collaborative End of The Semester Bash

Dear Sustainability Friends,

The end of the semester is a great time to reflect and celebrate our collective achievements. 

Please join us Thursday May 3 from 3-5pm for food and drink at the Law School Faculty Conference Center - enter through the Jacob Burns Library and take the elevator to the 5th floor. 

I will offer a few toasts:

  • More than 351,000 people have attended symposia organized by the GW Sustainability Collaborative - wow! Urban agriculture, dietary guidelines, GreenGov, local food impacts and more - we have raised important issues and shined a light on needed policy reforms. 
  • Lisa Benton-Short launched an innovative Minor in Sustainability in 2012 and shaped it over its first several years. In 2015, she passed the directorship onto Michael Svoboda who, with Ariel Kagan, then doubled enrollment and began the popular Sunday night weekly newsletter ritual. With 230+ students in the Minor today, we are pleased to announce that this fall, Tara Scully will take over as Minor Director and bring her own innovations to the role.
  • GW students continue to impress! Our wonderful Food Fellows convinced President LeBlanc on the need to upgrade GW dining. A campaign led by Kayla Williams to allow students to use GWorld for a CSA was a success. SGA sustainability representatives have elevated a range of sustainability issues. The GroW Community Garden does so much good. Bottom line: across campus, students are championing change.
  • 11 Institutes and Centers came together to co-brand as the GW Sustainability Collaborative to elevate the breadth and depth of GW Sustainability work. Our website – a team effort led by mastermind Jenna Riemenschneider -- showcases what we do beautifully.
  • Duke Energy Renewables invested in us. In each of the last three years, we have run an internal grants competition that has awarded more than $300K for faculty sustainability research, and Bob Orttung continues to help faculty execute on their awards. 
  • 14 faculty came together to design and offer three new courses as a part of our core sustainability classes – The Sustainable Plate, the Sustainable City, and Climate Change and Policy. More and more courses are embedding sustainability into their syllabi – our current count is 781 sustainability courses university-wide.

How lucky I have been to have such a team!

Please come and add your own toast to the many things we all do, with passion and purpose.