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Dr. Tara Scully

-Dr. Tara Scully
Director of the Sustainability Minor

"The beauty of the minor is it really starts to highlight the other subjects that are vital for all of these issues to be resolved."


About the Minor

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The undergraduate Minor in Sustainability allows students to explore the challenges of sustainability and to think about how to develop solutions to pressing issues at the local, regional, and global scale. It introduces students to the concepts, principles, and issues that inform the sustainability paradigm and also integrates classroom and community-based learning and research in a program that prepares students to apply the sustainability perspective to their future endeavors.

This pan-university Sustainability Minor includes several innovative features such as team-taught courses including SUST 1001: Introduction to Sustainability, SUST 2002: Sustainable Cities, SUST 3002: Climate Change and Policy and SUST 3003: The Sustainable Plate. These interdisciplinary courses are taught by faculty and experts from several schools and disciplines. Additionally, all sustainability minors complete a Culminating Experience in their junior or senior year in the form of service, internship, research, or study abroad.

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Meet a Sustainability Minor 

Sustainability Minor

Stephanie Moinian

School: School of Business

Major: Business

"Sustainability is important to me because the world is important to me. And if the world is important to me why would I do anything else but take care of it to the best of my ability? Having a sustainable lifestyle is  the only logical lifestyle to have in the future. Or, rather, the only lifestyle to have if we want a future."

Sustainability Minor

Jacqueline Lopez

School: Ellliot School of International Affairs

Major: International Affiars

"I believe in the importance of addressing and celebrating the intersection that exists within sustainability and environmental justice."

Sustainability Minor

Logan Malik

School: Columbian College of Arts and Sciences

Major: Chemistry

"To me, sustainability is about preservation and innovation. Its about moving forward and improving how our systems operate in a way that protects the natural environment for future generations and for other living things."



Intro to Sustainability

Introduction to Sustainability

The concept of sustainability is both broad and specific as it is applied to areas ranging from social systems to law, engineering, public health, and natural systems. The course considers goals, principles, and practical applications, with a multidisciplinary perspective on major environmental and social issues growing out of these concerns. SUST 1001 is a requirement for the minor. This course is offered is in both the spring and fall semesters. 

Culminating Experience

Culminating Experience

A key piece of GW’s Sustainability Minor is the Culminating Experience, which is based in experiential learning. The Culminating Experience provides students with an opportunity to apply what they learned through their sustainability related coursework. The culminating experience is reserved for juniors and seniors in the Sustainability Minor. Study abroad in junior or senior year may count towards the Culminating Experience but MUST be pre-approved before leaving for the study abroad semester.

Sust 2002

SUST 2002:
The Sustainable City

This course explores the connection between cities and sustainability.  We consider sustainability from a variety of theoretical and practical perspectives and examine some of the most pressing and critical issues that must be addressed in order to create a sustainable city. Central to this course is a focus on Washington, D.C.  Ultimately, this course is concerned with how the future of cities and the quality of life for those who live there can be improved through sustainable urban development projects and policy. This course is offered in the spring semester. 

Sust 3002

SUST 3002:
Climate Change and Policy

Climate change from an interdisciplinary perspective. Mitigation, adaptation, and intervention from the perspectives of public policy, economics, psychology, and public health. Climate modeling, green infrastructure, carbon capture and storage, climate justice, and international and multilateral environmental agreements. This course is offered in the fall semester. 

Sust 3003

SUST 3003:
The Sustainable Plate

The course focuses on how our dietary choices affect not only our health but the environment and those involved in the production of food. This class explores the sustainable plate— how does dinner affect the future of the environment, economy, and society— from an interdisciplinary perspective. Food is a topic which can be explored from a variety of fields, from policy to public health and business to international affairs. This course is offered in the spring semester. (Note: This course was previously offered as SUST 2003)

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